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A duet between Tarma and Kethry.

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Lyrics Edit

Bonds of blood and bonds of steel
Bonds of god-fire and of need,
Bonds that only we two feel
Bonds of word and bonds of deed,

Bonds we took -– and knew the cost
Bonds we swore without mistake
Bonds that give more than we lost,
Bonds that grant more than they take

Kal'enedral, Sword-Sworn, I,
To my Star-Eyed Goddess bound,
With my pledge would vengeance buy
But far more than vengeance found

Now with steel and iron will
Serve my Lady and my Clan
All my pleasure in my skill–-
Never more with any man

Bound am I by my own will
Never to misuse my power
Never to pervert my skill
To the pleasures of an hour

With this blade that I now wear
Came another bond indeed–-
While her arcane gifts I share
I am bound to woman’s need 

And by blood-oath we are bound
Held by more than mortal bands
For the vow we swore was crowned
By god-fires upon our hands

You are more than shield-sib now
We are bound, and yet are free
So I make one final vow–-
That your Clan shall live through me

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