Nyara was the daughter of Mornelithe Falconsbane, an evil mage who experimented on her and tested out alterations he planned to make to his own body.

He made her exude an aura of sexual appeal, as well as making her attractively cat-like. She had a low, husky, purr-like voice and retractable fingernails, pointed ears with tufts, and golden-yellow eyes with slit-pupils.

She escaped from Falconsbane and found refuge with the Hawkbrothers, and together with Darkwind k'Sheyna, Herald Elspeth, Herald Skif, the sword Need, and many others, she defeated her father.

Over time, and with the help of Need, she became more humanlike and less catlike, as well as more dependant on herself as a person. She fashioned herself as someone who could stand equal to Herald Skif as a partner, so that they could be together without him needing to protect her all the time.

When Falconsbane was finally destroyed once-and-for-all, both Nyara and An'desha (whose body Falconsbane had taken over) were mostly returned to their original forms, with the exception of their eyes and some smaller features.

In the series Edit

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