Nemor is the archpriest of Anathei in Oberdorn. He struck up a friendship with Tarma when she and Kethry were in town. They spent their evenings in the common room of Tarma and Kethry's inn, drinking wine, swapping stories and debating philosophy. He was the one who told the pair about the rumors that Thalhkarsh was walking the mortal plane again.

When Tarma and Kethry were missing the next day, Nemor investigated. He found them in an abandoned temple battling Lastel and Thalhkarsh, who had nearly reached the level of a minor god. Taking the opportunity when it came, Nemor used the power of broken spells to free Tarma and Kethry from the last of Thalhkarsh's spellcasting, put Lastel back into his original (dying) body, and rebound Thalhkarsh's spells back on the demon, transforming him into a delicate young woman. With the help of the other priests of his order, he bound Thalhkarsh's magic and imprisoned her until she could be accept the immorality of her actions.

In the series Edit

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