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For other uses of 'Need,' see the disambiguation page.

It is the song of the magical sword, Need.

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Lyrics Edit

My mother was a blacksmith

My father was the flame 

My midwife was the Goddess 

Giving power with my name. 

And I was born of fury 

To avenge my people’s shame. 

I am Need 

I am Need 

I am Need 

There was an ancient temple 

The Goddess pledged it so. 

A Holy woman’s haven, 

Where no man should ever go. 

A tyrant came to raid 

And laid its last defender low 

I am Need 

I am Need 

I am Need 

He slaughtered, raped, and plundered 

And then went on his way 

And spared no thought for any 

That he hadn’t chance to slay 

Such as the Temple’s blacksmith 

Still alive among his prey 

I am Need 

I am Need 

I am Need 

My glowing forge was ready 

And so I made appeal 

I prayed the Goddess bless my task 

And make its power real. 

I cast a spell, a sky stone and 

My soul into the steel 

I am Need 

I am Need 

I am Need 

And when my work was ended 

There stood a mighty blade 

That answers only to the hand 

Of women unafraid 

A thing of power and magic 

Like no weapon ever made 

I am Need 

I am Need 

I am Need 

My student found my body 

A broken, bloody shell 

She knew this mage’s spirit 

Had fled to the sword to dwell 

She took the blade I had become 

And vowed to use it well 

I am Need 

I am Need 

I am Need 

We blooded first a vengeance 

Against that tyrant’s crew 

My student bore me to them 

And most hungrily I slew 

I gave her strength and skill 

Beyond all that she ever knew 

I am Need 

I am Need 

I am Need 

And from that hour onward 

Across the world I’ve gone 

The cause for which my Goddess shaped me 

Ever drives me on 

Wherever man abuses woman 

There this sword is drawn 

I am Need 

I am Need 

I am Need 

I answer need of woman 

For her I turn aside 

I hasten to her rescue 

And I will not be denied 

A thousand woman slayers 

By my edge and point have died 

I am Need 

I am Need 

I am Need

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