Lady Naril is a beautiful teen-aged noble woman who is utterly detested by the Heraldic Circle for the way she hurt Herald Dirk.

When Heralds Dirk and Kris were first assigned to the Court, Naril desired the angelically-beautiful Kris, but he would have nothing to do with her. Seeing how close the friends were, Naril decided to use Dirk to get to Kris.

She pretended to be the young innocent, all lost and alone, which immediately captured Dirk's sympathies. She played on his warm feelings until she was assured she had Dirk's heart. Then, she asked him to arrange for her to speak privately with Kris. A suspicious Dirk arranged the meeting in the artificial grotto in the garden, then hid himself close enough to overhear. What he heard was Lady Naril's ultimatum: Kris would be her lover until she tired of him or she would destroy Dirk's life. Before Kris had a chance to respond, Dirk emerged fro hiding and confronted her. Kris slipped away, a decision he always regretted. Once Kris was no longer there to defend Dirk, Lady Naril verbally flayed him alive, leaving him heartbroken and nearly suicidal. It took him a long time to recover.

Ever after the Heralds have made a point of warning their newest colleagues about the poisonous Lady Naril.

In the series Edit

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