Myria was the very young Lady of the manor and village of Felwether. Shortly after the birth of her son, Syrtin, her husband, Lord Corbie was murdered. Myria was accused of killing her unwanted and disliked husband. With overwhelming evidence against her, she was set to be burned at the stake. While she knew most of her family didn't care what happened to her, she hoped that her younger brother might save her. So, she called for trial by combat to prove her innocence. Her brother did not arrive in time, but spurred on by Need, Tarma and Kethry did.

While Tarma bought time on the field, Kethry and Warrl solved the locked-door mystery, proving Myria's innocence. With her younger brother finally arrived to serve as her protector, Lady Myria took up the position of regent for her infant, who was named the new lord of the holding.

In the series Edit

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