For other uses of 'My Lady,' see the disambiguation page.

My Lady is the name of the harp belonging to Herald Jadus. Jadus was a third-year Bardic student when he was Chosen, and he continued to play the rest of his long life.

It was the sound of Jadus' harp music that drew Talia to his door during her first Midwinter holiday at the Collegium. He gave her music lessons and they became close friends. Jadus left the harp to Talia when he died.

Talia took the harp with her on her internship circuit. Not only did the music go a long way to maintaining sanity when she and Herald Kris were snowed in at a northern waystation, the harp case also saved their lives. They carefully broke it apart, and used the pieces to build shovels to dig their way out after a blizzard and record snowfall.

There are two songs about her.


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