This song is Treesa's favorite which she requests often, first from Vanyel, then later his nephew Medren. Vanyel always enjoyed the opportunity it gave him to show off his instrumental technique.

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Lyrics Edit

My Lady's eyes are like the skies
A soft and sunlit blue
No other fair could half compare
In sweet midsummer hue 

My Lady's eyes cannot disguise
Her tender, gentle heart
She cannot feign, she feels my pain
Whenever we must part 


Now while I live I needs must give
Her all my love and more
That she may know I worship so
This one that I adore. 

And while away, I long and pray
The days may speed, and then,
I heart-ward lie, I flee, I fly,
To see her eyes again. 


My Lady's eyes, each glance I prize,
As gentle as a dove,
And would that I could tell her why
I dare not speak my love. 

Too high, as far as any star
Her station is to mine,
Too wide that space to e'er embrace,
Beneath her I repine. 


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