The Moonpaths are a route that the living may use to more-or-less safely traverse the Spirit Realm. The Moonpaths can be dangerous, but most do fine as long as they stick to the paths. The paths are surrounded by a mist inhabited by lingering spirits. The mist is golden during the day and silver at night. Time has no meaning in the Spirit Realm, and while a trained shaman returns to his body in much the same shape he left it in, anyone without that specialized training will feel drained upon their return.

Because of their especially tight bond with their goddess, the Star-Eyed, any Shin'a'in with enough concentration and unselfish intent can walk the Moonpaths on the night of a full moon.

The Kal'enedral can walk the Moonpaths on any night. They will also be answered by the leshy'a Kal'endral if they call.

Shamans can walk the Moonpaths at any time, day or night. They may call on and be answered any willing spirit that may be about.

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