Moondance is a Tayledras of the k'Treva clan during Vanyel's time. He is shay'a'chern and Lifebonded to Starwind. He heals Vanyel, teaching him to live with a shattered lifebond.

Early Life Edit

Moondance was not originally of the Tayledras. He began as a boy named Tallo, a loner and a dreamer. His parents hoped he would become a person (like a monk) sworn to religious service, and sent him to a priest to learn. In the priest's books he discovered that he was gifted with Magic. His parents didn't understand because their lives had little to do with magic or it's wielders. This isolated him even more. His parents began to trying to force him to go back to the way they lived, but it was too late. They then attempted to force Tallo to marry, but he refused, unable to tell his parents that he felt more for males because it was forbidden.

One summer a troupe of gleemen visited, and Tallo discovered that he wasn't the only male who felt things for other males, and became lovers with a handsome man from the troupe. They were discovered, beaten, and cast out of the village. Both were angry, and in that anger, Tallo's lover rejected him. In his own anger and pain, Tallo cast lightning at him, not intending to hurthim, only to scare him. Unfortunately, he didn't know how to control his magic, and his lover died in agony, crying his name.

In his remorse, Tallo tried to take his own life. That was when Herald-Mage Savil found him.

New Life Edit

Savil found Tallo and brought him to her new friend, Starwind k'Treva. Starwind healed Tallo in body and spirit, but Tallo still felt such grief that he needed to sacrifice something. So Tallo 'died' and in came Moondance.

At some time, Moondance found that Starwind was also shay'a'chern, and that they were Lifebonded.

In the series Edit

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