Most of the nations of Velgarth are ruled by a monarch.

Every effort has been made to list the monarchs of each nation in chronological order. When a monarch's place in the chronology is unknown, they are placed at the end of the list. Known Heirs are listed, as they likely ascended the throne in due time.

In order to aid with the timeline, the contemporary Valdemar monarch is noted next to each foreign head of state.

Valdemar Edit

[time gap]

  • Queen Vera[1] (ca.257 AF)
  • King Matthias[1]
  • Queen Terilee
  • King Tavist
  • Queen Leshia
  • King Tyrdel
  • Queen Elspeth the Peacemaker (Elspeth the Second) (750 - 798 AF)
  • King Randale (grandson of Elspeth) and Consort Shavri (798 - 808 AF)
  • King Treven (grandson of Elspeth) and Queen Jisa (daughter of Shavri and Vanyel) (808 AF - ?)
  • King Chalinel (great-grandson of Elspeth) and Consort Felice[2]
    • Heir Prince Tanivel ("Vel")

[time gap]

[time gap]

  • King Theran and Queen Fyllis (1077 - 1137 AF)
  • King Clevis (1137 AF - ?)

[time gap]

  • King Arden and Queen Leesa (1270 - 1315 AF)
  • King Roald (1315 - 1355 AF)
  • King Sendar (1355 - 1376 AF)
  • Queen Selenay (1376 AF - present)

Chronological order unknown Edit

  • Queen Elspeth Clever-handed
  • Queen Elspeth the Wise
  • King Terrill
  • Queen Alliana (sometime after Treven and Jisa)[3]

Hardorn Edit

  • King Alessandar [reigns of King Sendar and Queen Selenay]
  • King Ancar (usurper) [reign of Queen Selenay]
  • King Tremane [reign of Queen Selenay]

Rethwellan Edit

  • Queen Lythiaren [reign of King Randale]
  • King Destillion [reign of King Arden & Queen Leesa]
  • King Raschar Jadrevalyn [reign of King Arden & Queen Leesa]
  • King Stefansen Jadrevalyn [reign of King Arden & Queen Leesa, reign of King Roald]
  • King Megrarthon Jadrevalyn [reign of King Sendar]
  • King Faramentha Jadrevalyn [reign of Queen Selenay]

Karse Edit

Though Karse has a monarch, true power lies with the archpriest of Vkandis, the Son of the Sun.

  • King Nabeth
  • The Prophet-King [reign of King Randale]
  • King Ortrech [reign of King Sendar]

Eastern Empire Edit

  • Emperor Soferu [reign of Kordas Valdemar]
  • Emperor Lioth
  • Emperor Charliss [reigns of King Arden & Queen Leesa, King Roald, King Sendar, and Queen Selenay]
  • Emperor Melles [reign of Selenay]

Jkatha Edit

  • Queen Sursha (regent) [reign of King Arden & Queen Leesa]
    • Heir: Prince Albayah

Lineas Edit

  • King Deveran Remoerdis [reigns of Queen Elspeth the Peacemaker and King Randale]

Tantara Edit

Haighlei Empire Edit

Ghandai Empire Edit

Kmbata Empire Edit


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