Messenger-birds were a common sight in the camp around Urtho's Tower during the Mage Wars, where hundreds of them swarmed the area. Scattering some of their favorite fat, stripped seeds on the ground would draw in several, and one could be chosen to send messages or to do a little light spying. Because of their silly antics and fun personalities, many people made pets of individual birds.

The tiny birds are brightly colored and noisy, constantly chirping and chortling. They are not strong flyers, working hard to keep their plump little bodies in the air. The noise they make while flying makes them impossible to use for most sorts of spying, but they can observe an outdoor gathering without attracting undue attention.When reporting back, their imitations of the people they've heard are good enough to make the voices recognizable. Some of their imitations are difficult to distinguish from the original speaker. This makes it easier to identify who sent a message, or who was speaking when the bird overheard them.

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