Melenna was Lady Treesa's maid at Forst Reach. She loved Herald-Mage Vanyel Ashkevron for many years, and when he proved unattainable, turned to his brother Mekeal, with whom she had an illegitimate son, the Bard Medren. When Vanyel returned for an extended visit, she pursued him with Treesa's encouragement, going so far as to sneak naked into his bed. As a result, Vanyel spent most of a week sleeping in the stable with his Companion, Yfandes.

Melenna acted in the capacity of Castelaine at Fort Reach, freeing Treesa from the duties she disliked. With the notable exception of her pursuit of Vanyel, she was a sensible woman and a good manager for the manor. In the wake of the Lineas-Baires Annexation, she was sent to Highjorune in the official capacity of Castelaine for the new young Lord-Baron, Herald Tashir. With the power invested in him by King Randale, Vanyel ennobled her to give her sufficient rank to hold the office in her own right.

The Forst Reach Armsmaster, Jervis, was also sent to Highjorune to be Tashir's Marshal and Fifth Councillor. Having been friends for some time before, the two grew close while living in Highjorune, and eventually married.

She was described as a woman who looked prettier as she aged, possessing wide, hazel eyes. (Magic's Price)

In the seriesEdit

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