Megrarthon Jadrevalyn was the son of King Stefansen and Queen Mertis of Rethwellan. He was born while then-Prince Stefansen was in exile, and hiding out near the border in southern Valdemar.

He eventually succeeded his father to the throne, and had three sons of his own: Faramentha, Karathanelan, and Darenthallis. He was in turn succeeded by Faramentha.

Megrarthon, or 'Jad' as he was known to friends and family, studied under Tarma. He suffered through three state marriages, only one of them affectionate. The last was to Irenia, whom he allowed free rein in raising Karathanelan. He had eight daughters in addition to his three sons.

He wanted to send Prince Karathanelan to Tarma for training, but she rejected him. She accepted and trained Prince Darenthallis.

In his later years Megrarthon suffered from gout in his shoulder, eventually losing the ability to perform an overhand sword stroke.

In the series Edit

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