Medren is Vanyel's nephew by his brother Mekeal. He is a Bard and was Stef's roommate and first friend at the Bardic Collegium.

Early Life Edit

Medren was born out of wedlock to Vanyel's brother Mekeal and his mother's maid Melenna. Vanyel's mother, Treesa, found that he had a talent with music and made him into her new minstrel. When Medren was around twelve, Vanyel came home to get some much needed rest and to visit with his family. While spending time with his mother, he met Medren, Treesa's replacement for Vanyel as minstrel, and heard Medren sing.

Vanyel immediately recognized that Medren had the Bardic Gift. Later that night, Medren went to Vanyel's rooms and offered to do anything in exchange for music lessons. Medren also explained about how Vanyel's mother was planning to get Vanyel to marry Melenna and adopt Medren.

Vanyel refused Medren's offer and took him to his father to discus his future. There, Vanyel demanded that his father send Medren off to the Bardic Collegium in Haven, and only after Vanyel threatened to pay for Medren's expenses himself did Withen agree to support Medren.

Teens Edit

Medren was sent to the Bardic Collegium and was of such talent that Bard Breda, according to Vanyel, threatened to raid Lord Withen's keep if there was any chance of other young people being as talented as he was.

He met Stef a short while later when he was paired with him as a roommate, being the only person without one. The two became close friends, with Medren helping out Stef when he got into trouble, being unused to the ways of nobles.

In the series Edit

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