Makke is a member of the caste of Lower Servants, and works in the palace in Khimbata. She was assigned to clean the rooms of the White Gryphon delegation, and take their clothing to the laundry. However, as the only one of the assigned servants who wasn't afraid of the gryphlets, she became an unofficial nursemaid. This position was later confirmed by Shalaman himself as a way to protect Makke from the murderers.

Though locked into her caste with no chance to advance, Makke enjoyed learning. She already knew their language when the northerners arrived, and she had studied widely on a variety of topics. She became an invaluable resource to Zhaneel on the history, customs and religious beliefs of the Haighlei Empire. With her son taken to the temple to become a priest-mage years before, Makke was left alone. She enjoyed her long talks with Zhaneel.

She is described as being "very old... her closely-cropped hair resembled a sheep's pelt, it was so white, and her back was bent with the weight of years and all the physical labor she had done in those years. Her black face was seamed with wrinkles and her hands bony with age, but she was still strong and incredibly alert." [The White Gryphon, chapter three]

As the person who dropped off the dirty laundry and returned the clean laundry to people's rooms, she was able to confirm with a Truthsayer that one of Amberdrake's costumes had been stolen while it was at the laundry. As this was the same bloody costume that had just been found at a murder scene, her evidence was priceless.

In the series Edit

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