Created around the time of the Mage Wars, the makaar were Ma'ar's answer to Urtho's gryphons. They flew and used their claws in battle, but there the similarities ended.

Makaar were cruel, cunning and vicious. They had no will, having been designed to be blindly obedient to their masters. They also had no concept of joy or honor, living only to fight and die. Their lack of will meant they could not be used for espionage missions, like the more creative and quick-thinking gryphons. However, they they were faster than gryphons (except Zhaneel), and had far better endurance, making them dangerous opponents in an aerial dogfight.

Makaar reproduction was tightly controlled by Ma'ar, and they were unable to reproduce after his death. The last of the makaar died out several years after the end of the Mage Wars, leaving the species extinct.

Notable makaar Edit

The only makaar ever mentioned by name was Kili.

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