The Mage Wars series is three prequels set approximately 3,000 years before the rest of the books.  They focus on the wars fought between Urtho and Ma'ar, and then the development of the town of White Gryphon.

The Black Gryphon Edit

Black gryphon
The Black Gryphon is the first book in the Mage Wars Trilogy.

Skandranon Rashkae is everything a gryphon should be with gleaming ebony feathers, majestic wingspan, keen magesight, and sharp intelligence, he is the fulfillment of all that the Mage of Silence, the human sorcerer called Urtho, intended to achieve when he created these magical beings to be his champions, the defenders of his realm - a verdant plain long coveted by the evil mage Ma'ar.

And now, as Ma'ar is once again preparing to advance on Urtho's Keep, this time with a huge force spearheaded by magical constructs of his own, Skandranon is sent to spy across enemy lines, cloaked in the protection of Urtho's powerful Spell of Silence.

As days pass and Skandranon doesn't return, all in Urtho's camp wait anxiously. But there is one among them for whom the possible loss of this great bird will be more than just a major military defeat. Amberdrake-- a Healer of body, mind, and spirit whose talents are as essential to the army as those of any general-- waits on the landing strip with anguish in his heart. For Amberdrake has come to value the vain, cocksure, and brave Skandranon as his closest friend and comrade, and he now fears that this prince of gryphons will never return....

The White Gryphon Edit

White gryphon

The story takes place ten years after the end of The Black Gryphon. The k'Leshya tribe of the Kaled'a'in nation, along with the gryphons, some hertasi, tervardi, and kyree, have fled from the gates that they escaped before the Cataclysm from the end of the mage wars. They have traveled very far and have reached the ocean, and now have established a city called, White Gryphon. The city is named based on its shape, a large gryphon preparing for flight over the ocean, and the white gryphon, Skandranon.

The city has established a council to control all aspects of the city life. The council members consist of Skandranon, Amberdrake, Cinnabar, Judeth, and Snowstar. The Cataclysm has led to mage storms that causes magic to be unstable, meaning that many that had the mage ability have lost their powers, or are seriously weakened. Amberdrake as one of the council members brings up a man that is practicing as a kestra'chern illegally. Judeth orders for the arrest of this man, Hadanelith, through her position as the leader of the newly established Silver Gryphons.

Hadenalith is arrested while he is molding a woman to be his slave. The city does not have a jail, and his crimes are not severe enough for instant death, so the Silver Gryphons decide to exile him to the forests on one side of the city, presuming that the animals will take care of him. Hadenalith is very upset about the interruption to his deeds and swears revenge on Amberdrake, and White Gryphon.

Later, there are ships spotted by a gryphon, and Skandranon is contacted using the city's mind connection, Kechara. Kechara has been recruited by Judeth and is being used to communicate with the Silvers in White Gryphon. Some of the council members, Skandranon, Amberdrake, Judeth, and Tamsin, arrive on the dock and await the people to exit the ships. Amberdrake has identified the crewmen as members of the Haighlei Empire, a nation of all black people. Three of the Haighlei crewmen exit the ship and claim that the land that White Gryphon is part of their country. Judeth makes a stand claiming that the gryphons flew from one part of the land to another and never saw any markers that showed that the land belonged to any other place. At this time, the crewmen finally notice Skandranon and decide that they need to contact their home city.

After the discussion with their leaders, the crewmen decide to stay in the city of White Gryphon and then take Skandranon, Zhaneel, and their children (Tadrith and Keenath), along with Amberdrake, Winterhart, and their daughter (Windsong) back to their nation.

The Silver Gryphon Edit

Silver gryphon

The Silver Gryphon is the third novel in the Mage Wars trilogy by Mercedes Lackey. It mostly consists of one of Skandranon's sons, Tadrith, and Amberdrake's daughter, Silverblade, struggling to survive in a forest whose inhabitants are magic drinking wyrsa.

Twelve peaceful years have passed since the action of The White Gryphon, while Skandranon the Black Gryphon and Amberdrake the Healer settle down into comfortable middle age. An elite warrior force, the Silver Gryphons, has been formed to protect the city--a force that Skandranon's son Tad and Amberdrake's daughter Blade, showing rebellious streaks, have joined. Following two long, hard years of training, Tad and Blade are given the difficult assignment of occupying a remote guard post reachable only across miles of unknown territory. On the way, a strange force drains Tad's magic powers. So, alone, injured, and desperate, Tad and Blade find themselves beset by wyrsa, dreadful mage-created hybrid creatures who have the power to absorb magic.

Characters in the Mage Wars series Edit

  • Arrkeyla - gryphon
  • Artis Camlodon - healer
  • Bern - Silver Gryphon scout
  • Bethitia
  • Cafri - hertasi
  • Calla - hertasi
  • Chana - hertasi
  • Corani - military
  • Corvi - hertasi, White Gryphon
  • Darzie - gryphon, White Gryphon
  • Dharra - gryphon mage
  • Dianelle
  • Dierne - hertasi
  • Lady Fanshane
  • Filix - mage, White Gryphon
  • Gaerazena - White Gryphon
  • Commander Garber
  • Gielle - mage, White Gryphon
  • Hadanelith
  • Hawkwind
  • King Ibram
  • Ikala - Haighlei prince, Silver Gryphon
  • Ividian - mage
  • Jacony
  • Jaseen - kestra'chern
  • Jernini - gryphon, Silver Gryphon
  • Jessamine - kestra'chern
  • Joffer - mage
  • Kally - gryphon, Silver Gryphon
  • Kanshin - thief
  • Karelee
  • Karly
  • Keenath - gryphon, Silver Gryphon
  • Kelreesha Trondar
  • Korad
  • Kylleen - gryphon, Silver Gryphon
  • Lashke
  • Leyuet - Haighlei Truthsayer
  • Lady Linnay
  • Losita - kestra'chern
  • Lyosha - gryphon
  • Lysle - hertasi
  • Makke
  • Marlina
  • Moval
  • Noyoki - Haighlei prince, mage
  • Palisar - Haighlei priest
  • Poldarn - thief
  • Protea - kestra'chern
  • Red oak - kaled'a'in mage
  • Reesk - gryphon, Silver Gryphon
  • Regin - Silver Gryphon
  • Renton - kestra'chern
  • Retham - Silver Gryphon
  • Rides-alone - kaled'a'in mage
  • Rilei - kestra'chern
  • Rio - hertasi
  • Sella - gryphon, Silver Gryphon
  • General Shaiknam
  • King Shalaman - Haighlei empire
  • Shelass - Haighlei prince
  • Sheran - gryphon
  • Lady Sherisse
  • Silverblade
  • Skandranon Rashkae - gryphon
  • Snowstar - Kaled'a'in adept mage
  • Stargem - Kaled'a'in
  • Starsinger - Kaled'a'in
  • King Sulemeth - Haighlei king
  • Summerhawk - Kaled'a'in trondi'irn, mindspeaker
  • Suriya
  • Tadrith Skanrakae - gryphon
  • Telica
  • Tylar
  • Vetch
  • Vorn - gryphon
  • Windsteed
  • Yorisse

Places in the Mage Wars series Edit

  • Dakola District - Haighlei empire, Kimbata
  • Great Garden
  • Haighlei Empire
  • Hall of Fragrant Joy - Khimbata, Haighlei Empire
  • Khimbata - Haighlei Empire
  • Pass of Stelvi
  • Polda
  • Salten Sea
  • Western Sea
  • White Gryphon
  • Wtasi Empire

Terms in the Mage Wars series Edit

  • Basket spell
  • Beglamorment
  • Betrothal Necklace
  • Black Kings
  • Brancher
  • Disciplines
  • Evening Court
  • Great War
  • Greater Gates
  • Green bands
  • Hover sled
  • Lion Lilies
  • Lion Throne
  • Loriganalea
  • The Migration
  • Raebuck
  • Ratha
  • Silver Gryphon
  • Wyrsa

See also Edit

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