Maeven Is a resident of the village of Berrybay in the North sector. She was the unwed mother of a "Festival child." While she was working at the village mill one day, the baby escaped his basket, fell into the millrace and drowned. Maeven found his body and went mad with grief and guilt. The villagers did their best to keep her clothed and fed. She carried a rag doll around with her, convinced it was her baby. The only sense anyone could get from her were incredibly accurate weather predictions, as the madness had sparked the development of her dormant Gift.

Talia and Kris encountered her on Talia's internship circuit. Maeven was the reason the Waystation where they were snowbound was so unusually well-stocked. After touching Maeven's mind with her Gift, Talia suggested a solution. The woman was given the infant child of gypsies who had died of snow-sickness two months before. Maeven was immediately transformed, as was the fretful child, which she was convinced it was her own baby, Jethry.

Afterwards, Maeven's Gift of ForeSight strengthened, though it was still mostly centered on the weather. The grateful residents allocated a portion of their harvests to her maintenance, and the local priestess of Astera began training her to be her successor.

As her wedding gift to Dirk and Talia, Maeven set their wedding date for a day guaranteed to be beautiful.

In the series Edit

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