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"I shall love you till I die!"
Talasar and Dera cry
He swears "On my life I vow
Only death could part us now!"
She says "You are life and breath
Nothing severs us but Death!"
Lightly taken, lightly spoke,
Easy vows are easy broke 

"Come and ride awhile with me,"
Talasar says to Varee,
"Look the moon rising high,
Countless stars bestrew the sky
Come, or all the hours are flown
Is no night to be alone."
This the one who lately cried
That he’d love until he died 

"Kevin, do you think me fair?"
Dera smiles, shakes back her hair
"I have long admired you–-
Come the night is young and new
And the wind is growing cold–-
I would see if you are bold-–"
Is this she who vowed till death
Talasar was life and breath? 

Comes the dawn–beneath a tree
Talasar lies with Varee
But look–who should now draw near–-
Dera and her Kevin-dear
He sees her–and she sees him–-
oh confusion! Silence grim!
Till he sighs, and shakes his head–-
"Well, I guess we must be dead!"

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