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Lyrics Edit

I never thought I’d feel this – I thought my heart was cold

How can I feel this fire? I’ve lived so long controlled 

Oh, Lady that I long for and know I love in vain 

Have you too know this power and have you known this pain? 

You surely have another who holds your heart in trust 

With his heart in your keeping, I know you surely must 

Some wise man has discovered your smile so bright and kind 

The face to match your spirit, the will to match your mind 

The patience of a scholar, the sharp and lightning wit 

You lead me through the pattern that we both seem to fit 

The hunger after knowledge the logic calm and cool 

You treat me as your equal and not a crippled fool 

Oh, Lady I must love you, and love you without hope 

I know the love I long for lies not within my scope 

To be your friend is greater than I all had before 

But with that I’ll be contented and never ask for more

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