Herald Lores was King Randale's ambassador to the independent kingdom of Lineas. He was described as dark and "sallow-faced," as well as "stolid and methodical." Vanyel described him as thickheaded, and Savil referred to him as "a fathead... but an honest fathead." (Magic's Promise)


At Lineas, Lores was lucky enough to be outside the palace walls when Vedric activated his trap-spell. Finding only Tashir alive in the wreckage, he had him imprisoned, and then organized the cleanup of the remains of the rest of the palace inhabitants. Believing Tashir to be responsible, he couldn't accept what he was seeing when Tashir was Chosen. He believed the Companion was a demon, and began beating him with a carter's whip, trying to drive him away. That was when Herald-Mage Vanyel intervened.

Once Tashir's innocence was proved, Lores became one of his firmest supporters. As they shared the same Gift, and both needed to remain in Lineas to oversee its annexation into Valdemar, Vanyel assigned Tashir to Lores as his trainee. Lores was named First Councilor and Chamberlain for the new March of Lineas-Baires.

Companion Edit

Lores was Chosen by the mare, Jenna.

Gifts Edit

Lores' primary Gift is Fetching. His Mindspeech is so weak, he can only barely hear his Companion at the best of times.

Internship Edit

Details of his internship are not given, though it is revealed that his mentor didn't teach him about the Truth Spell. This highlighted one of the problems with the mentoring system that the later founding of the Collegium was intended to solve. (Presumably Vanyel took care of this particular educational gap once he became aware of it.)

In the series Edit

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