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Lyrics Edit

Most folk avoid the Pelagir Hills, where ancient wars and battles

Were fought with magic, not with steel, for land and gold and chattels 

Most folk avoid the forest dark for magic's still surround it 

And change the creatures living there and all that dwell around it 

Within a tree upon a hill that glowed at night with magic 

There lived a lizard named Gervase whose life was rather tragic 

His heart was brave, his mind was wise. He longed to be a wizard 

But who would ever think to teach their magic to a lizard? 

So poor Gervase would sit and dream, sight as sadly ruing 

That fate kept him forever barred from good he could be doing 

That he had wit and mind and will it cannot be debated 

He also had the kindest heart that ever gods created 

One day as Gervase sight and dreamed all in the forest sunning 

He heard a noise of horse and hound and sounds of two feet running 

A human stumbled into his glade, a human worn and weary 

Dressed in a shredded wizard’s robe, his eyes past hope and dreary 

The magic of his birthplace gave Gervase the gift of speaking 

He hesitated not at all – ran to the wizard squeaking, 

“Hid human, hide! Hide in my tree!” he danced and pointed madly 

The wizard stared, the wizard gasped, then hid himself right gladly 

Gervase at once lay in the sun until the hunt came by him 

And glowered in the hollow tree and hissed when they came near him 

And bit the dogs’ noses so they’d yelp and leap and fear him 

Thrice damn that wizard!” snarl his foe. “He’s slipped our hunters neatly 

The hounds have surely been misled. They’ve lost the trail completely.” 

He whipped the dogs off of the tree and sent them homeward running 

And never once suspected it was all Gervase’s cunning 

The wizard out of hiding crept. “Thrice blessing I accord you! 

And is there somehow any way I can at all reward you?” 

“I want to be a man like you!” Gervase replied unthinking 

“A wizard - or a man?” replied the mage who stared, unblinking. 

“For I can only grant one, the form of man or power 

What will you choose? Choose wisely, I must leave within the hour.” 

Gervase in silence sat and thought, his mind in turmoil churning 

And first the one choice thinking on, then on the other turning 

Yes, he could have the power he craved, the magic of a wizard 

But who believed that power lived inside a lizard? 

Or he could have the form of man, but what could he do in it? 

And all the good he craved to do – how then could he begin it? 

Within the councils of the Wise there sits a welcome stranger 

His word is sought by high and low if there is need or danger 

He gives his aid to all who ask, who need one to defend them 

And though his form is very strange compared to those beside him 

The mages care not for the form, but for the mind inside him 

For though he’s small, and brightly scaled, they do not see a lizard 

He’s called by all, both great and small, “Gervase, the Noble Wizard.” 

He’s known by all, both great and small, Gervase the Lizard Wizard!

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