Lissandra was a Herald-Mage during the reign of King Randale. She was described as:

"Taller than many men, and brown of hair, eyes and skin, her movements were deliberate, and yet oddly birdlike. She had always reminded Vanyel of a stalking marsh-heron." (Magic's Price)
Her hobby was alchemy, poisons and their antidotes. Thus was the cause of her death. She had apparently put the wrong vial on a burner by accident. She was overwhelmed by the fumes before she could get the window open. While it was deemed an accident at the time, Herald-Mage Vanyel later discovered that the "accident" had been arranged by Leareth as part of the final stage of his campaign against Valdemar's mages.

Lissandra's Companion, Shonsea, died at the same time. She was found at the northern end of Companion's Field. She appeared to have been running, then fell and broke her neck.


She was a Master-class mage, and not very far from Adept status. She assumed a position as a Web-Guardian (Northern quadrant) at the same time she received her Whites. Her primary focus stone was obsidian.


Lissandra was Chosen by the mare, Shonsea.


Lissandra had the Mage-Gift. Any other Gifts she may have possessed are not enumerated.


Details of her internship are not given.

In the seriesEdit

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