Captain Lissa Ashkevron was the daughter of Lord Withen and Lady Treesa Ashkevron of Forst Reach, and was Herald-Mage Vanyel's older sister. She was described in Magic's Promise as being a "careless, untidy hoyden" as a child who grew into a "naive swordswoman" fostered to Lord Trevor Corey. She accepted a commission in the Guard, and began her rise through the ranks. By the reign of King Randale, she was a full Captain. She was described as a "hatchet-faced woman" with her long brown hair "braided and coiled atop her head with... military precision." (Magic's Promise) She shared the 'Ashkevron nose' with her father and her aunt Herald-Mage Savil, joking that she had to go into the Guard as she wasn't pretty enough for a marriage offer.

As a child, Lissa was Vanyel's protector and mostly raised him. Their close relationship continued into adulthood.

Lissa and her company, under secret orders from King Randale, guarded over Vanyel and young Herald Tashir while Vanyel untangled the mystery of what had killed the rest of the Linean royal family.

In the series Edit

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