Lionwind was the Clan Chief of the Kaled'a'in clan k'Leshya during the Mage Wars. A mindhealer, he is described as a graceful man, a "perpetual Dawn greeter," with a silent step and his hair in heavy braids. (The Black Gryphon, Chapter 16)

It was under Lionwind's leadership that k'Leshya made the decision to evacuate the camp around Urtho's Tower with the gryphons, rather than the rest of the Kaled'a'in, leading to their status as the "lost clan."

Lionwind bred riding horses which, much to his dismay, were often harnessed to plows in the early days of White Gryphon. The alliance with the Haighlei Empire gave him a proper market to sell his horses for their original jobs as riding horses.

Despite the sudden explosion of growth to the Clan after they absorbed other refugees, Lionwind continued to act as if they were still a normal-sized Kaled'a'in clan. He began having long talks with the clan shaman as he considered stepping down from the position as chief. There was some speculation that Amberdrake might be his successor, not only as Clan Chief, but as full city administrator.

In the series Edit

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