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I'm no better than I should be.

So say the village wives. 

My mother was just like me, 

When she was still alive. 

I'll grant a man my favors, 

For a token or a prize. 

But it's the men who tell their women lies. 

It's the men, not me, who should apologize. 

The man my mother married, 

Taught me all there was to know. 

I was only five or six, 

When we first played hide or show. 

When I was twelve, what mother knew 

She no longer could ignore. 

But she loved the man she married, 

So ‘twas I was out the door. 

It's the dirty family secret, 

That everybody knows. 

It was shouted from the porch 

When mum and I came near to blows. 

So I work as cook and barmaid, 

Down at the village inn. 

Where my reputation marked me 

As easy to win. 

If a man should have a liking for sin. 

The army that's invaded 

Might be cold barbarian. 

But no matter where it comes from, 

It's an army full of men. 

And it's better I should catch their eyes, 

Than to let those cold eyes roam. 

To the pretty little daughters, 

Of the folk of Errold's Grove. 

 I'm no better than I should be, 

Or so I've heard them say. 

But I've earned the gold I'm wearing, 

And I'm leaving here today. 

In a place where I can start out fresh, 

My new life will begin. 

Where I'll be known for the delicious food, 

Served at Lilly's Inn. 

And I'll never be the prize a man can win, 

Not again, 

No, I'll never be the prize a man can win.

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