A lifebond is a bond to another person that is strong enough to withstand almost anything. It is very similar to the bond between Companion and Herald, but usually connects two humans. An easy way to think of a lifebond is as "true love."

The connection is usually described as being instantaneous, sort of "love at first sight," though it may take one or both people in the pairing some time to come to terms with the idea. An unacknowledged lifebond can lead to obsessive behavior, as the absence of the other person slowly becomes physically painful and emotionally wrenching.

Magic users who share lifebonds can sometimes share energy through their bond.

When one of a lifebonded pair passes away, it is an extremely painful experience for the one who still lives. Similarly, again, to the bond between Companion and Herald, the living half of the bond may end up dying at the same time as their lover. Suicide, in these cases, is not uncommon.

To lifebond to another person is extremely rare. Most couples are not lifebonded. There have been only two documented cases of lifebonds in which one of the pair has passed on, and the living person has gone on to lifebond to someone else:

  • In the case of Vanyel and Tylendel, it is believed that the latter was reincarnated as Stefen, who Vanyel later lifebonded with.
  • In the case of Keren, Ylsa, and Sherrill, it is likely that, had Ylsa lived, the three of them might have become a lifebonded trio.

Lifebonded matches Edit

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