Leyuet is a Truthsayer and one of the three Chief Advisors to the Haighlei Emperor Shalaman of the Kmbata Empire, along with the Chief Kestra'chern, Silver Veil, and Palisar, the Speaker to the Gods. Leyuet holds the positions of Chief Truthsayer and Chief of the Spears of the Law.

As the White Gryphon delegation settled in to the court at Khimbata, Leyuet was initially uncertain of them, especially at the start of the murder investigation. However, as he got to know them he became an ardent supporter, appreciating their honorable ways, even if he was not as taken by some of their odd northern notions. He also entirely approved of Shalaman's marriage proposal to Silver Veil.

Leyuet is described as a thin and "rabbity," though stubborn, man with a weakness for cookies and pastries. He tries not to indulge too often, for fear that he will cease being thin, though Silver Veil's special recipes can usually tempt him.

In the series Edit

Leyuet appears in the following work:

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