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Lyrics Edit

The baroness's sister has saved me from a fate

Of poverty and misery too wretched to relate 

Of un-appreciation of ingratitude for art 

Oh, she gave me joy and comfort 

When she gave her hand and cash – heart. 

For many years I wandered in the service of my muse 

I sang to all who'd listen, playing any song they'd choose 

I sang for high and lowly for humble, coin, and beer (?) 

I sang my best creations and they rarely choose to hear 

I sang of my heart's lady, a mage's warrior made 

I sang of her adventures and my songs were ill-repaid 

For her heart was could and haughty, she never would reply 

I swear she'd never notice if I pined away and died 

I sang of noble heroes with cunning and fine 

I made their reputations and they never thought of mine 

I glorified their exploits and they never did repay 

They cried exaggeration and they bade me go away 

Thus, sighing ‘neath the burden of the world's ingratitude 

I came unto this fabled land and a lady there I wooed 

I sang of her fair beauty and at last they'd smiled on me 

My love at last expected; we were wed by shotguns – uh, king's decree 

The baroness's sister, my lady, Ryen (?), so fair 

I could sing for hours of her white hands, her shining eyes and hair 

Indeed, I do so often, for she never seems to tire 

Of hearing how her beauty is the whole of my desire 

But rather, let me praise her for her generosity 

In granting love, and home, and lands to a humble lad like me 

And thus I glorify her each day harp and flute 

With voice and cello only, for she cannot bear my lute 

The baroness's sister so mature, and rich and sweet 

Raised up this humble minstrel lad to sit here at her feet 

So all you starving artists, now hear me and take heart 

Let not the world discourage unappreciated art

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