Leslac was the Bard whose existence was a torment to Tarma and Kethry. He based his career on songs about their exploits, which he mostly got wrong. Unfortunately, they were catchy tunes that became very popular. While the pair wouldn't have minded Bardic enhancement of their reputation, Leslac was leaving the impression that they "were less interested in money than in Just Causes." [Oathbreakers] This caused them no end of trouble (and empty pockets).

Tarma hit her last straw when he came out with the song "The Swordlady," in which he implied that Tarma was just waiting for the right man to save her from her sad life, and that if she would just notice him, he could be her savior. Had it not been for Bardic Immunity, Tarma would have cheerfully killed him. As it was, singing that song in a tavern in Hawksnest did earn him a month in the town jail. As Tarma's celibacy is part of her Kal'enedral bond to her goddess, the Star-Eyed, Tresti, a priestess herself, threw a fit and had Leslac arrested for violating the town's religious tolerance laws. This kept him occupied while Tarma and Kethry traveled to Rethwellan in search of the missing Captain Idra.

Leslac didn't catch up with them again until after the Rethwellan coup. At that point, Prince Roald and King Stefansen intervened. In exchange for four Shin'a'in mares, one guaranteed to be in foal, they forced Leslac to marry the Countess Reine, and relocate permanently to Valdemar. If his song "Leslac's Last Lament" is to be believed, the Bard came to appreciate his new life.

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A number of songs can be attributed to Leslac, as well as a few that are only suspected.

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