Leodhan was the last High King of Tantara. During the Mage Wars he struggled against the political sabotage in his Court from agents of Ma'ar, who were working to undermine his government. When they had done all they could, Ma'ar triggered the fear-spell in the dyrstaf placed by one of his agents. The panic it induced caused nearly all the nobility to flee in terror. Leodhan himself hid in his own wardrobe.

An old man with a weak heart, the shame of having been found cowering by his Archmage, Urtho, was too much for him. Despite assurance that he had been ensorcelled, he gave up and faded away, dying about a month after the disaster in the Royal Palace. As he was childless, and most of the nobility was still missing, Urtho assumed control of Tantara and set about opposing Ma'ar's invasion.

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