Lenore was Jadrek and Kethry's youngest child. She was still very small when Jadrek died, and Tarma and Kethry were having problems with their school at the same time. Kethry believed that the lack of attention is why Lenore turned out so very differently from her siblings.

Lenore was afraid of horses and was so distraught over living on the Dhorisha Plains, that Kethry quit sending her down. While she loved books, she had no gift for scholarship, leaving her unfit to follow in her father's footsteps. With no Mage-Gift, she wasn't set to follow her mother either. In the end, Lenore was left entirely unsuited for any life other than a lady of a manor. She was physically fragile as well, and prone to illness.

With the scheming Baron Reichert pursuing her, Kethry knew the only way to insure Lenore's safety was to marry her off to someone who would care for and protect her. When the mercenary Rathgar arrived, escorting an apprentice mage to the school, Kethry settled on him. She instructed Lenore to pretend to be the housekeeper's daughter. Not knowing how well off she was, Rathgar courted her and they fell in love. Kethry was happy to have them married, though when Rathgar found out the truth, he resented Kethry's meddling. He eventually made her promise not to visit the keep without an express invitation.

Lenore thought the sun rose and set on Rathgar, and he doted on her. He patiently cared for her throughout her final illness, feeding her himself when she was to weak to eat on her own. Lenore died three years before the events in By the Sword.

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