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The laws of the streetwise is grab all you can, for there's nothing that's true, nothing lasts
The law of the dodger is learn all the dirt, the most pious of priests have their past
The law of the grifter is cheat the fool first, or the one who'll be cheated is you
But the law of the Herald is give all you can, for someday you may need a gift too

The law of the liar is there is no truth, it is all shades of meaning and greed
The law of the hopeless is never believe, for all faith is a hollowed out reed
The law of the empty is that nothing more, life is nothing but shadow and dare
But the law of the Herald is seek out and find, and the law of the Herald is care

The law of the hunted is guard your own back, for the enemy strikes from behind
And the law of the greedy is trust no one else, hide and hoard anything you may find
The law of the hater is crush and destroy, and the law of the bigot is kill
But the law of the Herald is faith, hope and trust, and the strength of the Herald's will

All these laws I have learned from the first to the last, from the ones who would teach me they're true
And for many the ones who taught anger and fear, but the ones who taught hope, they were few
And I ask myself which is the law I must take, bidding truth as a hand fits a glove
Then I chose and I never looked back from that day, for the law of the Herald is love