In ancient times, long before the Mage Wars, the Sisterhood of Spell and Sword had an enclave in a peaceful forest. Sister Lashan was a member of the order. She had begun as a fighter, taking up magic later, and eventually blending the two into the craft of the Mage-Smith.

Each year, Lashan made spelled swords, one each month, for it took a full month to create them. The swords would not rust, break or become dull. Each blade also had a spell, specific to the season in which it was forged. These were:

  • Spring -- Calm
  • Summer -- Warding
  • Autumn -- Healing
  • Winter -- Luck

These swords were sold at the annual Autumn Harvest Fair in order to help support the Sisterhood. Once every four years she made only eleven of the seasonal swords. The twelfth sword that year had all four spells forged into it. The year swords were never sold. Instead, they were passed on to a Sisterhood apprentice who was deemed worthy. They were kept hidden under the floor of the forge until Sister Lashan found a girl to give them to.

One year, while she was away selling her swords at the fair, the enclave was attacked by the mage-lord Heshain. He and his soldiers killed all but the young Mage-Gifted girls. These were rounded up and taken away to his fortress. Only Lashan's favorite apprentice, Vena, had escaped.

Knowing that while she had the skills her aging body could not stand up to a rescue attempt, and the half-trained Vena had the youth, but no skills, Lashan decided to attempt a dangerous spell to place her own soul in a sword. She took out the year sword she had hidden away, one she had been considering giving to Vena. Clamping the sword to her workbench, Lashan performed the spell, then ran onto the blade. As her body died, her soul moved into the sword. She became the magical blade, Need.

Together, Vena and Need went in search of the stolen apprentices.

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