Kyrr was a Tayledras bondbird, a graceful red-shouldered hawk bonded to Dawnfire k'Sheyna. Kyrr was much sought after for mating by other bondbirds. Unlike most scouts, Dawnfire was not able to utilize Kyrr's senses without going into trance and doing what the Tayledras refer to as a full bonding. However, Kyrr was even more intelligent than many bondbirds, with a much better vocabulary, making a full bonding rarely necessary.

One day, while curious as to why Darkwind had forbidden her from going anywhere near the gryphons, Treyvan and Hydona, during their mating flight, Dawnfire fully bonded with Kyrr, seeing through the hawk's eyes as she circled the gryphons' nesting area. When Mornelithe Falconsbane attacked the gryphons, Dawnfire and Kyrr dove in. They were vastly outmatched.

Dawnfire woke to find herself trapped in Falconsbane's tower in Kyrr's body. Kyrr's personality had died, as had Dawnfire's body. Dawnfire was doomed to live out the rest of her days as a hawk, slowly losing her sense of self until only the hawk remained. Eventually, the Star-Eyed intervened in the hopeless situation, transforming the merged hawk-woman into an avatar.

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