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Lyrics Edit


Kyree, kyree 

Eyes aglow with green fire 

Creature of magic, Mind speaker magic, 

Teach me to see behind the dark eyes 

Kyree, kyree 

The scent of mages on the wind 

Watchful waiting deep in forest 

Eye on stone, alone, alone 

The red-bound assault in the night 

Or wait by the full moon light 

Can I brave the dark and deep 

Of one who never sleeps? 

Length of tail and point of ear 

By the edge of the forest unaware (??) 

Mages near he feels the magic 

Eye on stone, he calls to the night 


A demon transformed (?) 

Chart and time (?) 

The spirit lion fear and dread 

Back to the kingdom of the dead 

War alone can set me free 

And banish pain and fear 

Creeping in on gentle paw 

The soft of fur reveals the claw 


Kyree, Kyree 

Kyree, Kyree 

Deep in forest, eye on stone 

Alone, alone, alone

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