Kyra was a scout in the mercenary company Idra's Sunhawks.

When she first applied to the company, she hadn't really expected to be accepted. However, the Sunhawks had a dearth of scouts at that time, their most recent casualty being the scout Pawell, who had died on a mission. Since Pawell had no one to leave his belongings to, Kyra was given his horse, his gear, his tentmate and his uncompleted mission. Kyra succeeded in the mission and took the tentmate, Rild as her lover and shieldmate.

When they were bogged down, attempting the end the civil war in Jkatha, it was Kyra, a native of the area, who remembered a wild pony trail the company could use to sneak over the mountains and behind the enemy position.

During the campaign in Rethwellan, Kyra was the one Sewen chose to send ahead into Petras to tell Tarma and Kethry that the rest of the Sunhawks, current and former, were on their way. She also became one of the 'greeters,' shepherding the new arrivals into hiding around the city.

Kyra is described as:

"...a mountain peasant; short, stocky and brown, round of face and eye. But she could sick to her horse like a burr on a sheep, she was shrewd and quick, and nobody's fool." (Oathbreakers)

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