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Lyrics Edit

My name is Kuari, I'm not legendary,

I might be legendary if I just behave 

My name is Kuari, I'm not legendary 

I could be legendary 'cuz I'm very brave 

My name is Kuari, I'm not very scary 

Someday I'll be scary and I like mice! 

My name is Kuari, I'm not very scary 

But I don't think you're scary, I think you're nice 

Both mom and dad think that you're nice, too 

And we belong together 

Through storms and sunlight I'll fly with you 

We can be bond-brothers of a feather 

(‘cept that you don't have feathers, 

you're just kinda hairy 

‘cept where you're bald – 


My name is Kuari, you don't feel too scary 

You don't make me wary; on you I'll depend 

My name is Kuari, the world is less scary 

And we'll be legendary 'cuz we'll be best friends 

[music interlude] 

My name is Kuari, someday I'll be scary 

And we'll be legendary 

'Cuz we'll be best friends

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