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Herald Kris was Talia's mentor on her first circuit.  A student of history, law, and administration, he had hoped to replace Dean Elcarth when the elder Herald retired from the Collegium. His uncle, Lord Orthallen, tried to marry Kris to Selenay just after her coronation, to gain power over the throne.

Companion Edit

His Companion was the stallion Tantris, whom Kris called "Featherfoot".


Kris was gifted with both FarSight and Mindspeech.  

The description of Kris's Gift in Arrow's Flight reveals that Kris is a Mage, though he himself is not aware of this, and his Mage-Gift is untrained.  

Internship Edit

Kris interned alongside Dirk under the tutelage of Herald Gerick. This was when he discovered that he gave Dirk the best "fix" of any FarSeer he had worked with before.


Kris was the second son of Lord Peregrine, one of the Seneschal's chief assistants, and his mother organized the resupply of Heralds' Waystations throughout the realm.

Kris was the nephew of Lord Orthallen, who used that relationship to influence him negatively.

Kris is the many-times-great-grandson of Vanyel, and they both look poetic in black.


Kris was chosen to be Talia's mentor on her first circuit. Lord Orthallen had planted into Kris the idea that Talia wasn't fit to be Queen's Own, and this weighed heavily on his mind when he saw that she didn't have any control over her gift of Empathy. While on circuit, the two of them became stranded at a waystation for some time. At this time, Kris decided to help her train her Empathy.

While in the waystation, Kris and Talia began a tentative relationship that put Kris at odds with his best friend, Dirk, who he knew was in love with Talia. By the time their circuit came to an end, they decided to be just friends.


Kris and his Companion were murdered by Ancar's troops when Talia was captured on a mission to Hardorn. Queen Selenay probably named her son, Kris, in his memory. Every indication is given that Kris' spirit stayed around long enough to attend Dirk and Talia's wedding. This is another way in which he is like his ancestor, Vanyel, and suggests that the ability to linger after death may be related to the Mage Gift they shared.

In the series Edit

Kris appears in the following books:

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