Krebain was a blood-path mage who attempted to carve himself a kingdom out of the Pelagirs. Given that he was also working for the Leshara family, his plans probably ran even deeper, perhaps even to the eventual conquest of Valdemar itself. It was Krebain who tortured and murdered Staven Frelennye on the orders of Wester Leshara. He was also ordered to kill Vanyel, and was quite surprised to find him in Covia near Krebain's stronghold.

When Vanyel confronts him, Krebain is determined to take him as a lover, willingly or not. However, Vanyel taps into the Heartstone at k'Treva Vale and destroys Krebain instead.

Krebain was described as being gaudily dressed and possessing charismatic beauty:

"He was graceful, slim, and very tall. White-blond hair tumbled from beneath the helm in wavy, shining cascades. What could be seen of his face was like elegantly sculptured marble." (Magic's Pawn)
Given Krebain's predilictions for blood-magic and body-sculpting as well as his favored mode of conquest; and given Vanyel's ForeSight dream, which initially features Tylendel and Krebain, there is cause to wonder about Krebain's possible association with Leareth, an incarnation of Ma'ar. Krebain can't be another of Ma'ar's incarnations, because he and Leareth were active at the same time. Later in his life Vanyel continues to have the same dream, only featuring Stefen (the reincarnation of Tylendel) and Leareth.

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