For the Seneschal's Herald during the original Heralds of Valdemar series and the Mage Winds series, see Kyril.

Kiril was king of Valdemar around 850 AF. He was the father of Prince Sedric, a full Herald and Heir to the throne. His original King's Own Herald, Nikolas, was one of his closest friends.

When the Sleepgiver called "Temper" tried to burn down the Companions' stable, with all the Companions trapped inside, Herald Mags stopped him. Answering Mags' mindcall, Kiril arrived in time to staunch the bleeding and save Mags' life.

He has black hair and silver eyes. The game Kirball might be named after him.

Companion Edit

The name of Kiril's Companion is unknown.

Gifts Edit

Kiril has a fairly strong Gift of Mindspeech.

Internship Edit

Details of Kiril's internship are unknown, though it is known that he was in command of light cavalry at some point during his internship.

In the seriesEdit

Kiril appears in the following works: