Kirball is a sport played by heraldic and guard trainees meant to serve as military training in the form of a game.

It was invented just after the founding of the collegium.

The game is played by two teams, and is divided in 4 quarters.

Each team has 4 heralds (with their companion), 4 riders (mostly highborn trainees) (may switch horses between quarters) and 4 foot (mostly guard trainees).

The ball may be played by hand, foot of hoof or may be whacked with a bat.

The game is played on an unleveled field with various terrain types (level and rough), with two goals at either end. These goals are small buildings with a "door" opening and some "window" openings. On top of these buildings stands the teamflags.

The goal of the game is to score points on the opponent by: a. propelling the ball in the opposing goal through a "door" or "window", b. occupy the opposing goal for an entire quarter, c. steal the opposing flag.

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