Herald-Mage Kilchas lived during the reigns of Elspeth the Peacemaker and Randale. He was the South Web-Guardian, until Vanyel re-worked the Web-Spell to make Guardians unnecessary.

Kilchas lived to be sixty, though he looked far older. He was described as:

"A wizened, shriveled old tree of a man, he had more wrinkles than a dried apple, hair like a tangle of gray wire and a smile that could call an answering grin from just about anyone." (Magic's Price)

Magic Edit

His primary focus-stone was "a piece of translucent, apple-green jade" carved in a pyramid shape (Magic's Price), and his shield color was yellow-gold. He was a Master-class mage. He had never never risen higher because his control over his power was too crude for Adept-class work. As an offensive combat mage, he simply never had the time to learn fine control.

Death Edit

Kilchas was an amateur astronomer, and had a glassed-in observatory on top of one of the flat-topped towers at the end of the Herald's Wing of the palace. While up there to view a rare conjunction late one cold night, he appeared to suffer a heart attack and die, falling off the tower to the ground below. His Companion was also found dead, apparently from sudden heart failure in the far western corner of Companion's Field. Vanyel and Yfandes were immediately suspicious, but had no evidence for their suspicions. In the end, it did turn out that their deaths were not accidental, but were part of the final stage in Leareth's campaign against the mages of Valdemar.


Kilchas was Chosen by the stallion Rohan.


Kilchas had a strong Mage-Gift, strong enough to rise to Master-class and become one of the Web Guardians.


No details of his internship are given.

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