The royal palace towers above Khimbata

Located along the western coast of Velgarth, Khimbata is the capital city of Kmbata, one of the eight kingdoms of the Haighlei Empire.

The architecture of the city is described as having "an oddly organic feeling to it, with pronounced woodgrains, and no exterior surface was ever left unornamented. The swirling curves were covered with mosaics and scupted reliefs of plants, birds, and animals. There was seldom anything as simple as a straight line, either, even in the interiors of buildings. The corners and the joining of walls and ceilings were always gently rounded, forming arches; ceilings sloped slightly upward to the center of a room, where there was always a flower-shaped or globe-shaped lamp. There wasn't a right angle to be seen..." [The White Gryphon, chapter three]

The poor quarter of the city is the Dakola District.

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