Kethryveris of House Pheregrul, member of one of the Fifty Noble Houses of Mornedealth.  Adept of the White Winds School of magery. When Kethry was twelve, her brother sold her in marriage to a pedophile who preyed upon young girls. She was rescued by her old nurse, who took her to a White Winds school where she was given the magic sword Need by one of the teachers in the school who thought that she might have need of it in her wanderings.[1]

The story of her meeting with her partner Tarma is told in "Sword Sworn" originally published in Marion Zimmer Bradley's anthology Sword and Sorceress III and later in Mercedes Lackey's collection Oathblood. As part of that bonding Kethy agrees to help Tarma restore the Clan Tale'sedrin and teases that she will become just a "Shin'a'in broodmare."  


Six months after they met, the two need to raise money to continue their trip to the Plains. Her marriage was seven years prior, so she is nineteen.[1] The various adventures of Tarma and Kethry appeared in subsequent Sword and Sorceress collections.

She and Tarma become mercenaries eventually joining the Sunhawks commanded by Captain Idra. Idra was a princess of Rethwellan who chose to leave her privileged life and become a mercenary; through her skill she rose through the ranks to become captain of the Sunhawks and beloved by her followers. After Idra's death at the hand of her traitorous brother Raschar, Kethry and Tarma as well as the other Sunhawks are key to the coup that places Idra's other brother, Prince Stefansen, on the throne of Rethwellan. During the coup they meet Prince Roald of Valdemar with whom they become friends.[2]

As a reward for their service they are given lands and a manor house, and found the school of their dreams. Kethry falls in love and marries the former Rethwellan archivist Jadrek, and though their children are raised with the knowledge that they can choose whatever life they wish, many chose to become Shin'a'in, thus giving life to Kethry's promise to restore the Clan of Tale'sedrin.[3] One of her daughters who chose to remain Rethwellan was Kerowyn's mother, Lenore.[4]

Family Edit

Mate: Jadrek

Sibling: Kavin Pheregrul[1]

Children:[3] Jendar, Jadrek, Lenore, Jadrie, Lyan and Laryn (now part of Clan Tale'sedrin)

Oathsib: Tarma shena Tale'sedrin

Grandchildren: Kerowyn and Lordan (Lenore's children),[4] and others

Great-grandchildren: Keth're'son shena Tale'sedrin[5] and others

Great-great-grandchildren: Kitha shena Tale’sedrin[6]

In the series Edit

Kethry appears in the following works:

Notes Edit

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