Kethra is a Shin'a'in healer and shaman, and a wingsibling of Clan k'Sheyna for more than a dozen years. She was called on to continue the healing of Starblade k'Sheyna whose mind was broken by Mornelithe Falconsbane. She sponsored Tre'valen as a wingsibling to the Clan.

When Falconsbane broke Starblade, he used a combination of both pleasure and pain. Both were needed to heal the damage that was done, and Kethra used them equally becoming Starblade's lover. She eventually accepted a bondbird feather from him, the Tayledras equivalent of marriage vows. She went with him when k'Sheyna moved to their new Vale.

Kethra is described as having long, black hair and bright green eyes. She is older than Tre'valen, but younger than Kra'heera, which puts her right around Starblade's age.

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