"This is a fairly common song in Valdemar, although it originated several lands to the south." (The Complete Arrows Trilogy: Appendix)

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Lyrics Edit

Kerowyn, Kerowyn, where are you going?

Dressed in men's clothing, a sword by your side 

Your face pale as death, and your eyes full of fury 

Kerowyn, Kerowyn, where do you ride? 

Last night in the darkness black raiders attacked us 

Our Hold lays in ruins below 

They've stolen our treasure and the bride of my brother 

And to her aid now I must go, 

To her side now I must go 

Kerowyn Kerowyn, where is your father? 

And where is your brother? This task should be theirs 

It is not seemly for maids to be warriors 

Go back to your valley, and to woman's cares 

My father lies dead at the hands of their leader 

My brother lies raving in pain 

The raiders left no man unwounded to free her 

But in their hands she'll not remain, 

I vow she'll not with them remain 

Kerowyn Kerowyn, where are your senses? 

What can you hope to accomplish alone 

You have no knowledge of war or of weapons 

Why loose your life, for a girl you scarce known 

This is for more than a matter of honor 

And more than a matter of pride 

She's but a child, all alone and unaided 

And someone at least should've tried, 

So now to her rescue I ride 


Grandmother, grandmother I need a weapon 

I'm one against many, and I am afraid 

The raiders have bought them a dark wizard's power 

I cannot help Dierna without magic aid 

Kerowyn, grand-daughter, into your keeping 

I'll give you this sword I once wore 

Need is her name, now ride fearless to battle 

She'll aid as she did me before, her magic is strong as before 

Grandmother, grandmother, why turn so willing 

Why did you try to persuade me to stay 

Whence came this weapon of steel and of magic 

And why do you choose now to give it away 

Kerowyn, not for the weak or the fearful 

Is the path of a warrior made 

You've passed all my tests, now ride out with my blessings 

And trust in the spell of the blade, right now and go unafraid

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