Herald Keren is a riding instructor at the Collegium.  Keren acted as a sort of surrogate mother to young Talia, and remained her long-time friend.  Keren is the twin sister of Teren, who (unusually) is able to Mindspeak with her Companion, Dantris. She can Mindspeak his Companion as well. She is also the granddaughter of Queen's Own Herald Talamir.

Early Life Edit

Keren was raised near Lake Evendim. She is an accomplished swimmer and was familiar with rescuing those who fell into the icy waters. She was Chosen years before her twin brother Teren.


Keren is shay'a'chern, and was fortunate enough to have two Lifebondings.

She was lifebonded with Herald Ylsa for some time, until Ylsa's unfortunate death.  The death of one in a lifebonding is similar to the death of a Companion to his bonded Herald, and the extreme pain of Keren's loss was felt all around the Collegium.

Sherrill, a fellow Herald from Lake Evendim area, came to help Keren deal with the grief of losing Ylsa.  In time, Keren became lifebonded to Sherrill. This was extremely rare, as one lifebonding is rare and hard to find-- two is far less likely.

Companion Edit

Her Companion is Dantris.

Gifts Edit

One of her Gifts appears to be Mindspeech.

Internship Edit

Details of Keren's internship are unknown.

In the series Edit

Keren appears in the following works:

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