Receiving good reports from their advance scouts, Treyvan and Hydona, a large group of k'Leshya Kaled'a'in returned from the west, intending to settle in the cleansed lands along the eastern edge of the Pelagirs. Originally, they had planned to come after Clan k'Sheyna left and take over their abandoned Vale. However with the trouble being caused by Mornelithe Falconsbane, they came early to help k'Sheyna fight off the Adept mage.

With Falconsbane defeated and the Heartstone issue resolved, k'Sheyna no longer had a reason to stay. With further help from k'Leshya, they used a Gate to rejoin the rest of their Clan at their new Vale site. In return for their aid, k'Leshya was granted ownership of the old Vale, with the Veil spell and all its protections still intact.

The new residents immediately began work to retrofit the Vale to match the needs of the various species in their diverse group. They renamed their new home Kena Lesheyana Vale.

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